The Buddhist Recovery Summit 2017, organized by the Northwest Dharma Association, in conjunction with the Buddhist Recovery Network, will be held at Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey, Washington on the weekend of October 20-22, 2017.

The summit is designed as a gathering of leaders engaged in the BR movement. Space is quite limited, so it is important to confirm your interest in attending as soon as possible. Formal registration will begin in January 2017.

The questions we will be exploring include:

  • What are the defining characteristics of Buddhist recovery?
  • How does Buddhist recovery intersect with the Twelve-Step model?
  • What are the pros and cons of facilitated and peer-led recovery groups?
  • How do we strengthen national and international networks (BRN)?
  • What does sponsorship or mentorship look like in the movement?

We are gathering as peers to discuss the current climate of Buddhist Recovery and its future and to share our experience, strength, and hope.

If you are interested in attending, please send us an email.

We are attempting to offset the cost of attending through a crowdfunding effort. Please look at our Fundly page. Your donation will make it possible for those with less means to attend.

In the meantime, if you would like more information, please email us.